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Jarrett Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

I started working with Chad Jarrett September 17th of 2017 after a bad crash in Montreal Canada. I had sciatic nerve pain that eventually escalated into IT-band syndrome. The end of 2017 was really frustrating because I wasn’t able to compete in the ITU Triathlon World Champions, even worse I couldn’t run for two months. Chad got me on a program that helped strengthen my adductors, lower back, hamstrings, and core. To help with the IT-band syndrome and inflammation around the nerve, Chad did a lot of deep tissue massage to help the nerve glide. Since then, I have finished on two World Cup Podiums, Won the ITU Nottingham Mix-Relay with Team USA, and finished 11th at World Triathlon Hamburg. 


Back Bay Center
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Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Website: http://jorinc.com/index.html